Learn to Water Ski in Falmouth, Cornwall

Lester Cruse, founder of Adventure Sports and Activity Holidays has put together some instruction on How to Waterski

How to Waterski

1 – Start Position
Skis at 45ยบ, Arms straight around outside of knees. Legs and skis are shoulder width apart. Tuck up tight with chest to knees and bum pushed towards heels. Get your upper body mass close to the pivot point – your feet

2 – The Initial Pull
Keeping the tuck position, allow the boat to pull you through the water. The angle of the skis should provide a resulting lift and you should begin to rotate over the pivot point (your feet). Do not try to stand or pull yourself up, simply rock forward.

3 – A Stable Crouch
Continue to rock forward until you are in a balanced crouch position, with your bum clear of the water. Keep your arms straight and you should now be skiing in the same tuck position you started in, having rotated over your pivot point (your feet)

4 – Rise Slowly
Don’t be in a hurry to stand. When you feel balanced, come up slowly to a naturally balanced position. Do not lean back and do not use line tension to help with your balance. If you wobble, simply crouch down and regain balance. You won’t fall if you keep your centre of gravity low.

5 – The Skiing Position
When balanced and comfortable, keeping your arms straight, move your hips forward and your shoulders back. If you are properly balanced, you should have the feeling that letting go of the line should have no affect other than slowing down. You are now skiing.

To turn you should apply more weight to the inner edge of the opposite ski.
To turn right, push down on the inside edge of the left ski.
To turn left, push down on the inside edge of the right ski.
Similar to beginner snow skiing, plough the right ski to turn left and plough the left ski to turn right.

Common Faults in How to Waterski

Pulling on the line and trying to stand before getting balanced – Make sure you rotate over your pivot point (your feet), before trying to stand.
Pushing out your legs and doing the ‘splits’ – Maintain the tuck position and control your legs. Your legs should not be used until stage 4, when you try to stand.
Throwing your head back in a ‘brace yourself’ fashion – Keep your shoulders forward.
Knees come together like ‘Bambi’, making it difficult to rock forward – Keep everything parallel and shoulder width apart.
Being pulled over the top – that’s just jelly, hold a tight start position tuck until balanced.


British Water Ski Federation