Activity Holidays Cornwall have a long history providing kayak tours. We have unrivalled coastal awareness and weather knowledge, ensuring that all tours, North or South coast of Cornwall, are conducted in safe conditions with no guesswork or surprises. We are trained lifeguards and carry radio equipment including a PLB (personal locator beacon). Life jackets can be worn by weak or non swimmers, making it possible for them to take part in this activity. The Kayaks are the safe, ‘sit on top’ variety as they are unsinkable and can not fill with water.
During our kayak tours we have swum with dolphins, paddled with seals, passed closely to cormorants, watched guillemots and dozens of gull species. We have seen fish flying and sharks basking and have wondered at the amount of wildlife present around our Cornish shores.
We paddle into huge caves and on to secluded beaches that are only accessible by sea and if the weather is seriously stormy on both coasts, then we have the rivers of Fowey and the Fal Estuary.

We use different locations on our kayak tours, as that is necessary to avoid rough seas. It is exposure to the wind that causes the sea to be disturbed. The stronger the wind and the greater the distance of exposure, the bigger the waves. The longer the exposure continues, as in a weather system, then a ground swell develops, which is great for surfing but not so great when we are exploring caves. So a little knowledge is essential to keep things safe and we have been safely providing activity since 1982, both here in Cornwall and out in France.

We also provide a Kayak Hire service for paddlers and can include some advice on weather and locations. We can also provide a drop and collection service if you do not have appropriate transport. We can even act as a communication hub if difficulties are encountered. A reassuring backup.